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We make airplanes.

We make airplane set appliances. 

We repair airplanes.


“Light aviation” is the collective term given to that part of general aviation involving airplanes with a maximum takeoff weight from 495 kgp [kilogram of power – it is the multiplication of airplane weight on power of gravitation] till 8600 kgp ,and with the number of passengers of under 19; helicopters with maximum takeoff weight from 495 kgp till 4500 kgp; non-pilot airplanes with maximum takeoff weight of under 8600 kgp; engines, aggregates, board equipment and other components of aircraft enumerated above. This term also includes land infrastructure, regional centres and objects of air navigation service of light aviation. The term ‘Light aviation” is not identified by Russian State Volume. Over the world there is a tendency now to active development of light aviation. Many well-known companies prefer to rent light airplanes for their traveling and business trips. It is quite clear ,bearing in mind that the headquarters of big aviation company ‘Boeing-Civil aviation’ is situated in State Washington , but one of the series factory is in Australia. In Germany aerotaxi is popular nowadays because of the traffic jam. In some American states ,for example in Alaska , every fifth inhabitant has his own light airplane. In Russia for the present we can observe the similar process only in Moscow. Many clubs have been opened to train amateur pilots. On airbases of light and extra-light aviation there are much more takings off and landings than in Sheremetiev, for example.According to the official present day statistics there are over 60 thousand settlements in Russia that have no land transport connections. On the whole these are territories of Siberia , Kamchatka, the Far East and Chukotka . According to least calculations the shortage of light airplanes in regions listed above is nearly 1.5 thousand . In the past inaccessible detached territories were served by the hard-worker AN-2. But it seems that its time has passed and it will be replaced by new light airplanes. In our huge country with vast territories the aviation is an important thing. The business aviation is not quite popular nowadays. Though the profit of it is obvious. The most important factor is time economy. The possibility of flight without any time table , using the small prepared airbases for taking off and landing [ the quantity of small airbases outnumbers the airlines and they are situated much closer to the passenger]- all these factors minimize the time of flight. Besides there is no necessity to waste time on drawing up tickets, making reservations, waiting for the luggage and so on. Second important convenience of light aircraft- is the possibility of non-stop flight to the point of destination. Third aspect is topical nowadays- it is the safety of flights. There are no strangers on board. For all that one can not use only industrial works. There are a lot of original ideas, worked out by the small groups and engineers, who embodied their thoughts in different aggregates of light aviation. The worked out models take into account the climatic and natural conditions when solving the regional problems. The pilot-researcher , candidate of military science , professor V.G. Shishkin considers: nowadays military and civil aviation, aviation industry start to go out of deep and long crisis. But the aviation industry is one of the most scientific parts of economics. That’s why Russia must occupy a worthy place on international aviation market, and must sell effective, high technological, safe and good-looking airplanes. We can compete in aircraft with other countries and it is clearly seen on the aviation shows. The rise of aviation will lead the rise of electronic, metallurgical , chemical industries in mechanical engineering . Is it profitable to produce airplanes in Ivanovo region? Why not. We do have necessary staff, we make airplanes without any financial support. As far as Russia has aviation- the power is strong. As far as the wings are not chopped off- the country is alive.

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